POL-FOODS  is a modern company, known in the industry from its dynamic development and top quality products.
The success of company has been built for years, through strategic management and openness to human potential.

Our 3 keys to success are:
Professional people who meet customer expectations, are engaged in work,
Modern technologies, which ensure the highest quality of products.
Constant cooperation with scientists.

We cooperate with partners who represent the highest standards on the market, therefore our offer is  dedicated for you.
The most important for us is impression and satisfaction of our customers. We always try to come up to clients expectations and provide the professional help in pasta issue.
Recently company built the corn mill and implemented an innovative production technology of corn based pasta under the brand Sotelli, which with no doubts  will conquer the hearts and pockets of consumers who follow the trends, and look for an  innovative, healthy products.
Pasta Sotelli is the highest quality corn pasta covered in an attractive graphic design.
We share with you our passion and knowledge. We give a part of  ourselves in our products. 

We  would like to invite you to explore the culinary flavors of corn pasta Sotelli.